PH Tamarindos

This single-family design apartment is located in the west side of Mexico City, in the context of a new and dense urban fabric. The project, although in a new area of development and in a relatively new building, was received in an unacceptable state of conservation and a wasted distribution of resources. The proposed renovation presented an opportunity to enhance a typical luxury apartment with more than the design of its interiors but rather the design of a new living system.

The apartment, accessible through the elevator to the 14th floor, opens itself up to a poetic unwinding of playful and elegant spaces that connect services and amenities. Thought out to serve as both a place for mature business, smart get-togethers and at the same time host children’s parties, the design became a challenge in the reconciliation of spaces and materials. The originality of the project underlies in the clever way of creating new uses and processes for its inhabitants.

The value of the minutiae underlies in the subtlety of designing every detail, for example, the lighting traces axis and directions, creates sensible and peaceful spaces. Opening exterior areas in the east-west axis reduced the air conditioning and was the answer for keeping a ventilated principal area that could evoke a more natural ambience.

On the one hand, the apartment feels like a natural well-rounded place for comfortable living, while on the other it affirms itself as a thought-out design piece expressed by the brilliant composition of new elements inside an unwinding spatial poetry.

Location: Mexico City
Client: Private
Type: Residential Interior
Area: 450 sqm
Writing date: 2013
Construction date: 2014
Architect: Mayer Hasbani
Project Team: Oliver Burgos, Francisco Romero, Paola López Solis
Status: Built

Construction team

Construction: PHia
Structure: Fernando Vargas Cruz
Lighting Design: Studio Spazio
Photography: Paul Czitrom

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