Moliere 310

Located in one of the most consolidated neighborhoods of Mexico City, amidst tree-lined streets and neocolonial residences, a narrow and deep lot trapped between neighboring walls of different heights is redefined to hold a new architectural program.

MAYER HASBANI retakes the existing context to deconstruct the façade and adjust it to the new requirements. The new first floor houses a commercial space and the access lobby that opens the space by concentrating the structural columns on the sides. Thus, the structure strives to repeat its lateral condition and give rise to free and flexible floors consistent with today’s demands; the services and vertical circulations are cornered to the side of the building to reinforce the adaptability of the floors.

At the front, the new building seeks to consolidate the visual of the scale to which it belongs; its vertices equalize the dissimilar height of each contiguous building with two recessed levels that manage to generate a corner within a middle lot. From this corner, terraces are designed to allow the connection of interior and exterior space.

For pedestrians, the building becomes a superposition of reflections that unfold to the sky and lead the plastic articulation with the neighboring buildings; while inside, the user finds infinite possibilities to configure the space naturally illuminated by the front envelope.

Location: Mexico City
Client: Privado
Type: Corporativo
Area: 1,700 sqm
Writing date: 2016
Construction date: 2018
Architect: Mayer Hasbani
Project Team: Gilberto Marín, Alberto Castellanos
Status: Built

Construction team

Structure: Aguilar Ingenieros Consultores
Facade: Un Módulo
Lighting Design: Studio Spazio

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