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The project maintains a harmonious relationship with the environment, based on a detailed study of the site and an analysis of the physical and biological environment, with the aim of integrating the building with the existing landscape.

The principle was to turn the forest into the value of the project, and to use the architecture as the tool that would allow framing the context to appreciate it in the best way, and thus achieve a unique site.

The intervention was respectful, non-invasive: the local vegetation was maintained, and nature and the buildings coexist without detriment to comfort.

A six-story complex, around 30 palapas and natural structures blend in with the vegetation: the greater number of square meters assigned to the facades allows for spectacular views -up to 270 degrees in some cases-, natural light and ventilation, but with privacy.

The common areas respect the environment, which includes the endemic species of the site, the flora and fauna of the area.

The spaces maintain different environments for activities that invite rest and contemplation.

The constructions are distributed along the land, on a curved adjacent area with a view of the golf course, which generates the trace of a symmetrical axis whose vertex is the main access traffic circle. The division generates two towers to the north and two to the south, which approach the roads, with a generous green area.

The apartments open to the outside through the terraces, with the unusual privilege of a natural shade provided by trees so high that they reach between 5 and 6 floors high, like the building itself. The choice of materials favors integration: the shapes, colors and textures of the buildings blend in with the environment.

ocation: Litibú, Nayarit
Client: Private
Type: Multifamily
Area: 23,400 sqm
Writing date: 2008
Construction date: 2011
Architect: Mayer Hasbani
Project Team: Omar Salas Aldana, Roberto González Torres, Sofía Cisneros Otero, Hugo Tapia Tapia
Status: Built

Construction team

Structure: PESA S.A
MEP: Instalaciones 2000
Landscape: Ambiente Arquitectos
Lighting Design: Luz + Forma
Photography: Héctor Velasco

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