Félix U Gómez

The city of Monterrey, like other large cities around the world, has begun to implement a program to expand downtown’s first square of the city. Located on Félix U. Gómez Avenue, and aligned to this initiative, MAYER HASBANI designs a mixed-use project which converges in front of the last section of Fundidora Park.

Thus, through a layout that describes the asymmetrical polygonal shape of the terrain and its capacity to accommodate different scales, a triad of semi-triangular volumes rise up with views of the Sierra Madre and the Fundidora Park; thanks to the intelligent placement, the volumes generate openings of at least 120º between each tower, eliminating the visual blockage between them.

The base of the complex comprises the parking lot with access at sidewalk level and separate accesses for the public and residential programs. The parking levels disappear from the pedestrian’s view by accommodating the commercial plaza as an active façade that allows for activity throughout the day. Inside the complex, the roof of the last parking level becomes a green space and amenities for the enjoyment and recreation of the inhabitants; responding to the scale of the towers, this space becomes an elevated first floor.

According to the open orientation of the location, the walls of the towers are fundamentally tiered to mitigate the sunlight, while the facades of the residential towers have a lattice for solar control, thus maximizing thermal comfort inside the living spaces. In this way, MAYER HASBANI presents a proposal based on a profound knowledge of urban legislation and the behavior of metropolises; inwards, the geometry efficiently arranges the areas to concur in spaces that open up to the city with endless views of the natural environment surrounding the city of Monterrey.

Location: Monterrey, Nuevo León
TYpe: Mixed use
Area: 90,907 sqm
Writing date: 2019
Architect: Mayer Hasbani
Project Team: Alfredo Lagunas, Paola López Solis, Víctor Ramírez
Status: In construction

Renders: DECC

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