Coldwell Banker

CBC is located in Torre Virreyes, at the west end of Mexico City, it is a thousand squared meters project (1000 m2) in narrow and elongated proportions space which directly articulates with the elevator nuclei of the tower. This communicating vessel situation allowed to trace in the design an exit of the elevators directly towards the entrance threshold of the offices.

The architectural and geometric development of the project began from tracing the two main axes which state the duality of the project. This axis is born from the drawing of the floor diagonals, that is from corner to corner in order to convert them into circulation and thus take advantage of the maximum distance that can be traced within a polygon: its hypotenuse.

The axes intersect in a symbolic crossroad which functions as a panopticon in which the user can understand the whole office, architectonically and functionally. This aspect was worked to pass from the symbol to the function marking the design through a luminous panel on the ceiling which is symmetrically reflected on the circulation hallways with a change in materials, that is the same practical and esthetic path is done on the floor and ceiling, as if it were two identical containing lids. This practical exercise forms a contrast game that allows to dance between the whole architectonic project, it breaks the monotony of a floor free of offices to give rise to plastic geometries that host different spaces. The waiting areas or public spaces change material to provide a different sensation while the circulation ribbon interweaves the rest of the areas.

Location: Mexico City
Client: Coldwell Banker
Type: Corporate Interiors
Area: 1,000 sqm
Writing date: 2014
Construction date: 2015
Architect: Mayer Hasbani
Project Team: Domingo Macotela, Mariana Ruiz
Status: Built

Construction team

Construction: GAYA
MEP: BRAUN Instalaciones
Audio & Video: NTX
Photography: Luis Gordoa

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