Casa Guadarrama

The monotonous rhythm that makes up the facades of the houses on Calle Guadarrama is interrupted by an architectural manifesto: the usual architecture evolves plastically to make way for the Casa Guadarrama; a space poetry in the midst of prose. It is an expressionist game of intersecting concrete and granite volumes that stand out from their context for their bold and contemporary design.

It is a house that is discovered, walked and understood through the exploration of its areas. MAYER HASBANI achieved an intelligent game of spaces that pays homage to the mythical Luis Barragán House-Studio from contemporary times as if it were a solid concrete block in which the spaces were subtracted in the same way that a mouse makes holes in its cheese.

The central patio is the heart of the project. Just as the heart transports blood to the arteries, the courtyard controls the development and friendliness of the spaces. It is the element that integrates the garden with the terrace with the dining room and living room, as well as with the other floors. Inside, the circulation core to go up to the second and third floors is a sculptural element that unfolds into different planes to be able to intelligently use the space, it becomes a bridge, it becomes a bedroom. With this game of angles and visual flirtations, it is so precise details obtained by the architecture itself, architecture is its best ornament.

Aware of the complexity of the system, the house was designed to exhibit its high design status, a kind of architectural haute couture. The invoice of a well thought-out and well-managed architecture is what gives it its aura, it is what makes it vibrate and function. The distinction between public, private and services does not exist.

Casa Guadarrama is a discovery in a residential street, traditional in the western area of Mexico City and at the same time a succession of discoveries inside.

Location: Mexico City
Client: Private
Type: Architecture (residential)
Area: 670 sqm
Writing date: 2012
Construction date: 2014
Architect: Mayer Hasbani
Project Team: Jesús Vargas, Fátima González
Status: Built

Construction team

Structure: Ing. Mario Romero Castello
MEP: Instalaciones 2000
Landscape: DLC
Photography: Paul Czitrom

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