The main challenge that this project implied was to achieve a totally open house without divisions, but where the space was not diluted, or the structure lost or the risk of weakening the composition by not reaching a well-defined shape.

The solution consisted in assigning continuity through the floors and ceilings. There are no unevenness’s, and these elements are each made of a single material, so that practically no changes are detected, which contributes to creating the impression that there are no interruptions. The division of the spaces was established by means of elements that, like screens, separate, but do not prevent the experience of a unified and well-integrated space.

Location: Mexico City
Client: Private
Type: Residential Interior
Area: 400 sqm
Writing date: 2007
Construction date: 2008
Architect: Mayer Hasbani
Project Team: Omar Salas
Status: Built


Building: Hasbani Arquitectos
Lighting: Hasbani Arquitectos
MEP: Instalaciones 2000
Photography: Héctor Velasco

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