Adamant Mérida

Adamant Mérida, the youngest development of the Adamant family located in Yucatán, México, freshly displays a new canon in housing standards under the understanding of its context. As part of the new Cabo Norte urban development, Adamant is in the best place of the whole complex: in the meeting of the largest lake and the smaller lake, a site where Adamant naturally stands as a landmark of urban composition.

It is an agile and fresh project that pays tribute to its time and which designs the practicality and the luxury of a new architectonic model exalting the fortune of its context: modeling a true tropical elegance. The powerful geometry, a signature of the architectural firm MH, raises vertically creating concrete heads in the air that form an imposing structural silhouette of concrete, steel and glass where the facade is not ornament but much more than that: it forms a structural system that unfolds on balconies and parasols to take care of the heating and environmental conditions of the complex.

The pool as well as the amenities are places designed exclusively for the enjoyment of the resort community. The exposed parking lot becomes a platform for outdoor amenities such as an infinity pool that glazes visually to the lake endless lake multiplying the perception of its scale and terraces with design furniture that allows the greatest enjoyment. The interior amenities are located on the top floors of the towers to maximize the view to the horizon and give another sense to the daily practice of exercise or greater relaxation when having a drink at the bar.

Adamant Mérida is a place designed in all its senses, an extremely contemporary architecture that manages to dialogue timelessly with the powerful natural context respecting and multiplying the importance of nature within the living space.

Location: Merida, Yucatan
Type: Multifamily
Area: 22,193 sqm
Writing date: 2015
Construction date: 2020
Architect: Mayer Hasbani
Project Team: Alma Montiel, Fredy Angeles, Paola López Solis
Status: Built

Construction team

Construction: Milk Life Investments
Engineering: EIICSA
Lighting Design: Faktorluz
Landscape: Ambiente arquitectos
Facade: Un Módulo
Photographs: Onnis Luque

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