Adamant León

Adamant Leon is a housing complex that increases the architectonical project of the State of Guanajuato. It bets on social relationships adhered to an architectonical context through new apartment models and
innovations in the modulation and circulation of interior spaces. At the same time, the bold geometry design developed through its constructive structure, draws a milestone in the buildings of Leon profiling itself to become, most probably, the protagonist of the new and edifying skyline of the Mexican state.

Is an architectonic kaleidoscope. Its form is born from the most precise design that combines geometry and space. As you observe the building from different points in the city it transforms, a luxury crucible, spatial practicality and innovative solutions.

The interwoven façade and the general morphology of the project are born from its structural solution, a rhythm of the carrying flagstones that dictate the guidelines of the transitions within and outside the building. These carrying walls make a reticulum that modulates and grants aesthetic boldness of the vertical elements, the materials open and close to establish a dialogue between the voids and the built space. The corners of the building are concave surfaces that visually contrast with the orthogonality of the axis floors.

Is a housing building of 170 apartments that are distributed in 11 different ways on 16 construction levels and range from 35 m2 to 114 m2. The apartments are born from an effort of breaking with the traditional apartment nature of repetitive rhythms in order to make unique architectonic modules and vestibules that can attain the tenants needs by offering the maximum capacity of useful areas.

Location: León, Guanajuato
Type: Multifamily
Area: 20,000 sqm
Writing date: 2013
Construction date: 2017
Architect: Mayer Hasbani
Project Team: Oliver Burgos, Alma Montiel, Nelly Hernández, Paola López, Fernanda Ramirez
Status: Built

Construction team

Construction: Milk Life Investments
Structure: AG2M
MEP: Hubard & Bourlon
Landscape: DLC
Lighting Design: LIGHTEAM
Photography: Paul Czitrom

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